/01. WHAT I DO

I am a visual artist, employing photography, make-up, and digital photo-editing to create and capture images for a wide range of clientele. My specialty is stylized portraiture, with an emphasis on actors, singers and models, as well as corporate and business related imagery. I approach each assignment with equal interest, since I feel it is a great privilege to work in varied facets of photography life.

/02. WHY I DO

I enjoy applying the makeup before I shoot, as it gives me time to fully analyse my subject’s features, in order to create a ‘beauty blueprint’ that establishes their best angles, to which I develop a custom lighting design. The other benefit to this up-close-and-personal exchange is the genuine rapport with my subjects before the photography session. Passion drives my work, so presenting strong visual-marketing images to my clients is truly exciting!



“Through my photos, it was important for me to showcase my professional capacity, and also allow other aspects of my personality to shine through; Korby understood this, and captured me perfectly! I definitely recommend Korby; when you’re in his chair & photo session, you will look and feel like a million bucks!”
Farhaneh Hackie


“Not only is Korby a genius with makeup, he has the unique ability to make you feel like a star. He connects on a personal level with you to make you completely at ease in front of the camera. Korby is an outstanding photographer and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”
Dominique Vaughan-Russell


“Korby is an absolute pleasure to work with. From make-up to lighting, he’s truly brilliant at what he does.”
Monique Crossfield


“Korby is a dream to work with. His talent stems from years in the business working with the cream of the crop. He instinctively knows a persons best features and focuses on them. He has impeccable lighting and if he does your make-up too, you can’t possibly get a bad shot. But what I love about Korby the best is how much he cares that his clients are happy . He always goes the extra mile to please. I highly recommend him.”
Tracey Neziol


“Korby Banner is a genius with the camera. It is truly an incredible experience having your picture taken by him. He is truly amazing!”
Sheila Alofs


“I try not to gush when speaking about Korby’s talent, but it’s impossible! Korby is the BEST portrait photographer I have had the pleasure to meet. He is at the top of his profession, and loads of fun to work with. To receive the best, hire the best. And Korby IS the BEST!”
Maggie Bras


“I never enjoyed having my photo taken until I met Korby. His makeup is the best and my photos are fabulous.”
Dini Petty